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Why Meditate? Here Are the Top 10 Benefits of Meditation

By designingyourmind / November 2, 2018

Mindfulness meditation began in India and goes back as far as Buddha in 500 BCE. Today, people all over the world practice meditation. An estimated 8% of Americans enjoy the benefits of meditation. But why meditate? What exactly are the benefits? Read on to discover ten science-proven reasons you should start meditating. 1. Reduce Stress One of […]


The 8 Best Apps for Meditating at Work

By designingyourmind / October 22, 2018

JackSummary for the best apps to meditate at workMeditation is something that is easy to get behind and just as easy to fall out of. Most people with a busy schedule have absolutely no idea how to take time out of the day to train the mind. That’s where these apps come in handy. Personally, […]


How to Clear Your Mind with Meditation

By designingyourmind / October 9, 2018

In a world with constant distractions, knowing how to clear your mind is vital. Studies are coming out about the negative effects of screen time on our brains. But when 63% of American households have three or more tech devices, it’s difficult to get away. There’s also a concerning spike in adults with anxiety disorders. As of 2018, 40 […]


How to Calm Down When Angry: Meditate Through It

By designingyourmind / September 30, 2018

Hot-head. Quick to anger. Blow a fuse. Hit the ceiling. All idioms that acknowledge the fast path to fury. As far as emotions go, it’s the easiest to trigger while also being the most disruptive. So. what do you do if you have a temper? What steps can be taken to prevent an outburst? If […]


Meditation Instead of Sleep: Is it Possible?

By designingyourmind / July 30, 2018

Meditating Instead of Sleep Can a frequent pattern of meditation entirely replace our need for sleep? Does meditating offer our body and mind the same benefits as a good night’s rest? Relaxation and meditating is proven to increase focus, energy and overall alertness. However, some may argue that sleeping is irreplaceable for the human body. […]


What to Think About While Meditating

By designingyourmind / July 16, 2018

Getting nervous as a newbie to meditation is quite common. Most people have been recorded to mention that being unsure of what to focus on usually is the main trigger of such uneasiness. We know how difficult this process can be, we were all there once. This quick and easy guide is designed to help […]


Beginner’s Guide: What is the Point of Meditation?

By designingyourmind / April 4, 2018

The popularity of meditation has increased significantly in the latest years. Both science and experience proved its benefits in reducing stress, controlling anxiety, developing concentration, and increasing awareness. ‘What is the point of meditation?’ is a question that various people who practice meditation and meditation experts will answer differently. In general, meditation is a process of […]


How to Meditate at Work: Your Complete Guide

By designingyourmind / April 2, 2018

Mental health experts recommend meditation as a great tool to reduce stress in the workplace. However, many of us think of meditation at work as of something simply unmanageable. You’re supposed to learn how to meditate at work with hectic office floors, tight deadlines, busy meetings, and a bunch of loud coworkers? How would you […]


How to Find the Best Time to Meditate During Your Day

By designingyourmind / March 18, 2018

When is the best time to meditate? Both science and long-standing practice have proved that meditation has many benefits on our mental and physical health. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety and ease depression symptoms. It can improve concentration and sleep and may lower our blood pressure and physical pain. However, in order to effectively […]


Stop Falling Asleep While Meditating: Your Complete Guide

By designingyourmind / March 17, 2018

How to Stop Falling Asleep During Meditation Falling asleep while meditating has become a problem for many, and has even been a contributing factor as to why most individuals who start out the holistic practice, quit just after a few days or weeks. The reason for this unwelcomed occurrence isn’t far-fetched. Meditation and sleep after […]