When it comes to choosing from a good gong for sale, there are tons of options to filter through. Whether it be on amazon, or other places to buy gongs, this list sums up the absolute best choices of the internet!

A sound meditation gong is a great addition to any home, office, or even classroom. Some people use them for meditation sounds. Others just need a smaller sized one to put on their office desk at work!

The Tibetan gong instrument has an extensive history and is a wonderful addition to any environment. Regardless of your needs, we’ve reviewed a great variety to help you select which one is best for your needs.

Whether you are looking to buy a gong that is a large size or even a small gong, this comprehensive buyer’s guide is sure to help you out!

Best Desk Gong

Woodstock Desk Gong

Those looking for a nice gong to place on your desk at work should go with this quality instrument. Many modern offices invest in a gong for employee motivation. It’s a great, whimsical addition that gets workers excited to complete a task or get to a certain point in their day! Regardless of the use, this is a perfect choice for a desk top gong, not only is it quality but it also comes with a mallet and has a unique sleek black and brass design.

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Best Features: 

  • Authentic and rich quality sound
  • Gong diameter: 6″ Height: 12″ Width: 10″
  • Black ash wood frame, with a sleek brass and black gong

Best Value Gong

Zen Art Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong by Asian Home

This desktop gong is specifically designed with “Feng Shui” in mind. It is believed that it will bring not only peace, but also prosperity to the area it’s in. A good mini gong selection no matter your needs, it has a fitting theme that will brighten up the space it occupies.

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Best Features:

  • Solid wooden stand, quality brass gong
  • “Feng Shui” design with dragons, yin and yang symbol
  • Great decoration and perfect for meditation and yoga

Best Sounding Gong

Zildjian 12″ Table-top Gong and Stand Set

This is Designing Your Mind’s top choice when it comes to premium table top gongs. A wonderful sounding standing gong, the Zildjian is well known as a top choice in the industry. It has a classic feel and color and also a solid, deep sound. This is a smart purchase that is going to last you a long time. The stand and mallet are both specially designed for the stable, reliable tabletop size of the instrument.

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Best Features:

  • Classic high quality Zildjian Gong sound
  • Most luxurious choice
  • Tabletop sized stand and mallet
  • Front and rear are partially lathed

Hanging Gongs for Sale

Woodstock Emperor Gong Bullseye Wind Chime

Perfect for hanging outside or indoors, this product is our top choice for hanging gongs. This sturdy and reliable instrument is a great choice to place outside, especially in a garden due to it’s resistance to the elements! One of the best choices when it comes to choosing a gong for sale, this would be the ideal selection for anyone searching for a premium quality instrument that produces a booming echo.

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Best Features:

  • Ash wood teak stained and brass gong
  • Hand-hammered by a master gong instrument maker
  • Unique hanging Eastern vibe and design
  • 10-inch diameter

Woodstock Hanging Gong

Another great hanging choice, this can be held stationary by a musician or even hung in a room or outdoors! One of the absolute highest quality selections when considering any gong for sale, you can’t go wrong. Like the other choice, this is a Woodstock chime gong which produces extremely versatile and genuine products. If you are looking for a hangable option, this is a great pick.

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Best Features:

  • 17″ Diameter
  • Also quality hand-hammered by an expert
  • Authentic and genuine sound
  • Traditional and classic hanging gong feel

Meditation can be a great and useful activity to incorporate into your daily life. the use of a gong in your practice and add a whole variety of possibilities in conditioning your psyche. Some individuals have trouble determining what to focus on while meditating, and a soothing noise of a gong can help us keep our mind clear.

The noise produced is soothing to the ears and is a perfect environmental decoration that brightens up an entire room.

If you were wondering where to buy a gong, I’m glad that this review provided some additional details to help you make the smartest decision based on your wants! This instrument has an amazingly extensive history and features great work from well known companies like Zildjian, Woodstock and even Wuhan gongs.

Let us know if you have any questions, and be sure to keep up to date with our latest guides, tutorials and resources!

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