Getting nervous as a newbie to meditation is quite common. Most people have been recorded to mention that being unsure of what to focus on usually is the main trigger of such uneasiness. We know how difficult this process can be, we were all there once. This quick and easy guide is designed to help you figure out What to Think About While Meditating!

However, before you embark on the journey of endless wander into the world of greater peace and enlightenment, it is important to understand that meditation may not be all that easy. You need to achieve a “quiet mind“.

In fact, a lot of experts in the field have attested to this. While some find it easier to focus and be at absolute peace with little or no effort, other usually need more time (years) to develop and perfect such level of skill.

The mind is indeed very powerful and capable of great feats. it’s almost impossible to completely shut it down at any point in time, so what you think of while meditating should almost be as important as your meditation itself.

In order to help achieve this, we have highlighted some vital techniques proven to help improve focus and better mind control. This will make it a lot easier to determine what to think about while meditating.

1) Monitor Your Breathing

Breathing is arguably the most important part of meditation. The key is to focus your attention on your breaths. If you have a hard time clearing your mind, breathing will help you to focus. By making sure that your breathing stays on track, you slowly gain better control of your mind, and bring everything back into focus. The key is to not focus on what you’re thinking about while meditating, which is almost impossible if that’s what’s on your mind. So focusing on rhythmic breathing offers another distraction for your mind to relax.

2) Think about the Now

Dont forget to think of the present. Live in the moment and live right now. Focus on where you are, where you are sitting and what is around you at the moment. With time, you will begin to see clearly if in a stable environment

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3) Emotions and Emotional Triggers

Don’t leave your emotions behind, be sure to have them in view, and place them on full focus. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by a certain type of emotion, focus on what has triggered these emotions, good or bad. Then think about  ways that these emotions can bring positivity into your life.

4) Your Goals and Accomplishments

Focusing on your goals while meditating give you a better view about what you want in life. With this, you may even be triggered to do better and set greater targets for yourself. Your goals should excite you and motivate you. Also think about how you can accomplish these set goal. Also take some time to think about your accomplishments. These should encourage you, and make you feel better about yourself generally. It’s always the best practice to maintain a positive outlook when considering what to think about while meditating.

There are plenty of other things that you can focus on in order to have a successful meditation session, the key however is to focus on this that bring positivity into your life. You should always feel refreshed and renewed after each session. 



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